Review – Sherlock In Homes 2: Murder On Ice

Last year I had the pleasure of watching Sherlock In Homes: Murder at the Circus, which was brilliant. The lovely people at Sharp Teeth Theatre invited me back to take part in their new show, Murder on Ice over the weekend, and I was only too glad to attend.

If you’ve not been to one of these online murder mysteries yet, it’s pretty simple. Make sure you’ve got Zoom installed on whatever device you’re using, and at the agreed time, join the meeting link you’re sent when you buy your ticket.

After an introduction and some scene-setting by the host (in-character) you’re squirreled away in a private room with a group of the other amateur detectives, and one-by-one the suspects arrive for five minutes of grilling (or asking odd questions about what they’re wearing).. Then you’re brought back together for some more evidence to be presented, before being ushered back to your private room for one last chance to make the ne’er-do-wells sweat! Finally, you’re all brought together for the finale to unfold, and a chance to vote and reveal your lost calling as sleuth extraordinaire!

What did I think of the show?

Once again, Sharp Teeth showed how well they’ve adapted to this lockdown-enforced medium. Sherlock in Homes 2 was absolutely hilarious, from start to end. The cast are brilliant, and having seen them twice now, it’s easy to see what pros they are, adapting to different characters and outrageous accents!.

The other detectives – i.e. the rest of the attendees – really add to it. The conversations between suspects got pretty hilarious, and one of the cast stayed in character while we had an in-depth discussion about what ice cream one of the other detectives was eating.

As far as the mystery goes, it was great. We got led down garden paths (or more accurately subterranean tunnels), but if you pay attention and ask the right questions, it’s absolutely solvable. This was my fourth online murder mystery, and the first I actually solved! Suck it, Columbo! Overall this is a ridiculously enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours one evening. Grab a glass of your favourite beverage, put your deerstalker on, and let Sharp Teeth whisk you off for a well-needed evening of comedy, escapism, and murder.

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