Is it okay to enjoy wargames?

a photo of a poppy field with the words ' is it okay to enjoy wargames?' over the top

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5 Responses

  1. Bernie Brightman says:

    Why not include the answers of a person who takes the opposite point of view?

    • Adam says:

      I didn’t have any on-hand to do that with, but I’d love to include it in a follow-up. As I mention, a lot of this was a mental unwinding for me, to take a step back and look. Great idea though, thank you.

  2. Guy says:

    The game John Company (not a wargame) has had me thinking the same thing. In it you play corrupt members of the East India Company trying to make money out of India. If the locals don’t do what you want or you need more money you send in the soldiers to loot and subjugate them.

    The game is arguably educational but you’re definitely playing pretty awful historical villains. I’m not sure we should be enjoying that.

  3. Rhodri Davies says:

    Gotta be said, wargames for me, even on a tactical level as you described, are an abstract look into the history of the event. At the end of the day, the thing did happen and it’s important to remember these events and the people who took part in them, on either side as well. My own opinion is something along the lines of if you are offended by my playing a historical wargame, then the problem lies with you quite frankly, as the event has happened, the historical characters are most likely already dead and I’m not hurting anyone, so why are you trying to deny me an experience in learning about a fascinating area of history that has done more to shape the modern world than any other human endeavour?! As Volko said, why put those caveats on wargames when other forms of media are free to do as they please, up to an including rewriting history completely as is the casr in Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards?

  4. Peter Nicholson says:

    I’m a historical miniature wargamer who plays most periods with the exception of anything too recent. For me the hobby is a combination of historical study, model making, tactical gaming and using your imagination. It has very little to do with reality. In real war civilians suffer. In real war torture,, starvation, prisoners of war, slavery, rape, refugees are everyday occurrences. I have never seen any of these portrayed in any “wargame`’. It would be abhorrent to do so. Historical wargames do their best to understand terrain, orders of battle, commanders strengths but are essentially just based on educated guesses. As gamers we don’t glorify war, we just seek to understand it better and playing a tactical game is our way of advancing our knowledge.

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