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sankore box art

Sankoré Review

Sankoré is fantastic, staging a successful coup d’etat against Merv and claiming the crown as my favourite of Fabio’s games. There’s a lot going on though, so be forewarned.

the fox experiment box art

The Fox Experiment Review

Each turn, you’ll each choose two foxes – a mummy and a daddy – to have a special cuddle which will result in a baby fox. Ask your parents.

rauha box art

Rauha Review

The alternate drafting is really interesting and adds a nice little squeeze of tension, drizzled over the top of the game.

vaalbara box art

Vaalbara Review

Vaalbara shares some of Citadels’ DNA but does it in a distinctly different way, resulting in a quick, lightweight game with a decent level of interaction

scout box art

Scout Review

On the surface, it’s easy to say Scout is a set collection game. The truth is that it’s more of a ‘carefully craft a set and then get rid of it’ game.

verdant box art

Verdant Review

Flatout Games has built a good name for itself with its previous games, Calico and Cascadia. Verdant picks up the baton and keeps running, delivering another solid, clever game

brian boru box art

Brian Boru Review

Peer Sylvester is the designer behind one of my favourite games ever: The King Is Dead. When Brian Boru: High King of Ireland was announced, I got excited.

canopy box art

Canopy Review

The word canopy conjures up three images for me. Parachutes, rainforests, and misheard hors d’ouevres. Canopy in this instance is about the one in the middle – rainforests.

Last Resort Review (Kickstarter preview)

You play as entrepreneurs who have bought derelict space stations, and aim to turn them into the swankiest holiday resorts in the cosmos. This isn’t your Airbnb style holiday, think about it more like Space Vegas. (note to self – trademark ‘Space Vegas’, it sounds awesome)

Zuuli Preview

They say good things come in small packages, and they don’t get much smaller than Zuuli, which is about the size of a pack of playing cards. Zuuli is a card game from Unfringed, where players are building and upgrading enclosures at their wildlife parks, while rescuing the animals who’ll live there