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GridCon 3 (2022) Convention Report

GridCon is an annual board game convention held in the South-West of the UK. It just so happens that I a) live a couple of hours down the road from it, and b) am a Patreon supporter of the organiser, Paul Grogan, so there was no way I wasn’t going back again this year.

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Reiner Knizia – Staying Relevant

After a throwaway comment I saw online somewhere, I realised that one of the most prolific, important game designers of all time, only has one game left in the BGG top 100.

Conventional Medicine

During a bit of downtime at AireCon, I grabbed some food, and sat at the edge of the Open Gaming area. As I looked around the hall, it dawned on me. A room filled with hundreds of people playing games, all with one thing in common

AireCon 2022 Convention Report

AireCon is a huge tabletop gaming convention held annually in Harrogate, UK, and this year yours truly decided to attend. Here’s how it went.

I’m bad at board games (but I don’t mind)

One of the things I hear from people when I tell them I review games is “Well I know not to play against you then, you must be great at them”. While it’s flattering that that’s their assumption, they’re also wrong. Oh boy, are they wrong.

Playing By The Rules

With the numbers of board games released each year growing by thousands, there’s a lot of cardboard trying to grab your attention, and the quality of the rulebook can mean the difference between a smash hit and a damp squib.