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kapow box art

KAPOW! Volume 1 Review

I wonder how you’re meant to say the name of this game. Do I turn up to my local game group and say “Hey guys, who wants to play KAPOW!?”. I’d scare the crap out of them.

Wreckland Run Review

A fully-resettable campaign game for one player which is quick to play, fun, and doesn’t take up an acre of table space? Yes indeed, what a great game.

tiletum box art

Tiletum Review

When is a T-game not a T-game? The answer is… I’m not sure. Board&Dice have a line of games that are lovingly referred to as the T-games, and I’ve covered some of them before. Let’s take a look at Tiletum.

cubitos box art

Cubitos Review

Cubitos is a racing game from John D. Clair (Dead Reckoning, Mystic Vale, Space Base) and Alderac, which mixes frenetic jockeying for position with bag-building.

tabannusi box art

Tabannusi: Builders of Ur Review

Dice as workers, a historical theme with an unusual name beginning with the letter T, and tons of depth – it’s all in there. Let’s take a look at Tabannusi.

las vegas royale box art

Las Vegas Royale Review

There’s something about seeing how far you can push the whims of Lady Luck, in a safe environment, that appeals to pretty much everyone.

the gig box art

The Gig Preview

The Gig is a new mixture of genres to me. When it comes to board games, regular readers know I love roll- or flip-and-writes. While I’ve tried lots of different kinds, I’ve never played one with a real-time element.

origins first builders box art

Origins: First Builders Review

Origins: First Builders puts you in a world where these aliens have popped over to say hi, and are willing to teach us all about building and warfare, and all that good stuff.

Too Many Bones Review

Chip Theory Games, who make Too Many Bones, have a reputation for putting premium games with massive replayability out in the market. Was the hype justified? And maybe more importantly for my readers – is it a good game to get, even if you’re a die-hard Euro gamer? Can you still have fun without farming or running a fishery?

Euphoria + Expansion Review

Way back in 2013, Stonemaier Games published a worker placement game called Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia. Fast-forward six years and they released an expansion called Ignorance is Bliss. Here’s what happens when you put them together.