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Architects of the West Kingdom Review (+ Age of Artisans)

We’re heading back to Garphill Games’ West Kingdom, taking a look at the first game in the trilogy. I started the series with Paladins, then Viscounts, and now I’m looping back around to the game that started it all – Architects of the West Kingdom.


Destinies Review

Through a mixture of placing tiles and rolling dice, players assume the role of a character in each scenario, and choose how best to fulfil their own destiny, while others race to do the same.


Canine Capers Preview

One of those odd questions that people seem to ask is, “Do you prefer dogs or cats?”. I’m not sure why it matters, but whether you prefer canine of feline, Atikin Games have you covered with their latest 3-in-1 Kickstarter for Playful Pets.


Blood of the Northmen Review

The aim of the game is to either grow your clan large enough to form the nation of Bjarmia (I googled it, it was a real thing), or kick enough ass to win through sheer dominance.


Why Not Just Play a Video Game?

Those three words on their own – “solo board gaming” – seem pretty paradoxical to many. Taking a hobby that relies on people around a table, and doing it on your own.


Scythe Review

Scythe is Stonemaier Games’ Euro-in-mechs-clothing game from 2016. It’s a game that’s been riding high in the BGG charts since its release, so it’s about time I gave it a proper review.


Mazescape Labyrinthos Review

Daedalus built the famous Labyrinth, used to imprison the Minotaur. Mazescape Labyrinthos drops you into a maze more devious than anything the Minotaur faced.


Distilled Preview

In Distilled, you play the role of a character who has inherited an abandoned distillery. Your goal is to return it to its former glory, restoring your family’s name, and earning yourself the title of Master Distiller.


Blind Luck – The Last Engineer Review

I’m going to tell you about a game where you’re plunged into complete darkness, from start to end. A game where your blind fumblings are all that stand between a towns survival, and eradication at the hands (claws?) of creatures known as Scuttlers. Can you feel the hair on the back of your neck standing up yet?