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On Mars Review

Tackling On Mars was a daunting prospect. Both in terms of reviewing it, and in just learning how to play it properly. Both have been extremely rewarding exercises though. On Mars is one of the best games I’ve ever played, it’s as simple as that.


Arkosa Preview

Arkosa, the new title from Toon Hammer, plonks you on the titular planet of Arkosa, and makes you try to get back off of it. You see, there’s an opportunity to get off this desert world, but only the most prestigious of colonies gets the ticket.


Cooper Island Review

Cooper Island is an unusual Euro game that marries worker-placement and tile-placement, along with a bit of resource management.Each player is developing their own peninsula of the oddly-shaped island, and resources are in short supply.


The Tu’x Rebellion Preview

The Tu’x Rebellion is a competitive, yet co-operative game, set in a fantasy world. It combines Euro-like resource management, and outright war-gaming, in a grand scale campaign.


Praga Caput Regni Review

VladimΓ­r SuchΓ½ is back with a lavish new Euro, moving back to terra firma after his most-recent outings to space (Pulsar 2849) and the bottom of the ocean (Underwater Cities). Do you have what it takes to develop medieval Prague?


Nemo’s War (2nd edition) Review

Update – Video review added.

Nemo’s War 2nd Edition pays homage to Jules Verne’s classic novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. It’s a game designed from the ground-up to be a solo experience, and uses the content of the original book to create a narrative game that’s unlike any I’ve played before.


Targi Review

Targi is a game for two players, where each tries to control trade in the Sahara with their Tuareg tribes. It’s been a stalwart in many players’ collections since its release in 2012, but what makes it so special, and why am I talking about it in 2020? Read on, and find out.


Teotihuacan: City of Gods Review

What’s special about Teotihuacan? Lots of Eurogames give you the feeling of building something. but how many let you physically build something magnificent, right there on the board?


Nusfjord Review

Let’s take a look at Nusfjord, Uwe Rosenberg’s fishing tour de force, as we review this charming worker placement game