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point city box art

Point City Review

When is a city-builder, not a city-builder? When it’s an engine-builder. Point City is a quick, bright, and easy game about building a city.

earth box art

Earth Review

Earth is the ideal game to play while you’re sitting around a table with people you like, having a chill time making little wooden towers.

rauha box art

Rauha Review

The alternate drafting is really interesting and adds a nice little squeeze of tension, drizzled over the top of the game.

village rails box art

Village Rails Review

Over the course of a game, you’re going to make seven railway lines with twelve cards. No more, no less.

verdant box art

Verdant Review

Flatout Games has built a good name for itself with its previous games, Calico and Cascadia. Verdant picks up the baton and keeps running, delivering another solid, clever game

ark nova box art

Ark Nova Review

All too often I’ve seen the hype for new games fade quicker than a cheap sparkler, but here we are, a year later, and people are still talking about Ark Nova. Mathias Wigge might not be a name you knew a year ago, so should you know it now?

44 bce box art

44 BCE Preview

BCE 44 builds on the infamous events of the eponymous year when Julius Caesar was assassinated on the floor of the Senate, by a group of senators who worried that he had too much power over the empire

Cytress Preview

When you get Cytress setup on the table, there’s no denying it makes for an impressive sight. The modular boards, plastic tubes, and garish neon hues all scream “Cyberpunk, yo”.

canopy box art

Canopy Review

The word canopy conjures up three images for me. Parachutes, rainforests, and misheard hors d’ouevres. Canopy in this instance is about the one in the middle – rainforests.

anno 1800 box art

Anno 1800 (Board Game) Review

Anno 1800 has made the transition across the ethereal planes between digital and physical, and thanks to Martin Wallace and Kosmos Games, we can now play it on a table