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fatal knockout box art

Fatal Knockout Preview

I grew up in the Golden Age of arcade beat-em-ups. The likes of Street Fighter 2 consumed me and my spare change for years. For a long time, there was no way to get that same feeling at home, and the rip-off games that appeared didn’t really scratch that itch (we won’t talk about how much I spent on a Japanese import copy Street Fighter 2 SNES cartridge)

Micro Bots: Duel Preview

The thrill of a re-purposed bread bin knocking seven bells out of a Tupperware box with a knife, is hard to beat. While Prometheus Game Labs’ Micro Bots: Duel might not be quite as violent on your table, it’s a cheaper and easier option for 1v1 robot carnage

shores of tripoli box art

The Shores Of Tripoli Review

The Shores of Tripoli is a two-player, event-driven wargame from Fort Circle Games. It’s set on the Barbary coast of North Africa at the turn of the 19th Century, and it’s great.

basilica box art

Basilica Review

Basilica is another new game which puts you in the role of cathedral builder extraordinaire. It’s a game where two of you battle to be the best builder, and let me tell you, when I say battle, I mean battle. Things are going to get feisty

canopy box art

Canopy Review

The word canopy conjures up three images for me. Parachutes, rainforests, and misheard hors d’ouevres. Canopy in this instance is about the one in the middle – rainforests.

Godtear Review

For many people, board game nirvana is teams of finely-detailed miniatures beating the fluff out of each other. Godtear, from Steamforged Games, is a game which epitomises the idea, where warbands of humans, creatures and… rocks throw down the gauntlet and vie for domination of the battlefield.