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kamisado box art

Kamisado Review

Kamisado finds a happy medium between the two extremes. It’s a game I can teach to anyone in a minute and have them enjoy, but the depth of the strategy continues to emerge long after your fiftieth game.

salerno 43 box art

Salerno ’43 Review

Today I’m upping the ante with my recent dive into wargaming. Putting on my big boy trousers and stepping up to ‘hex and counter’ games. My first foray proper into this world is with Salerno ’43, a game from GMT Games and designer Mark Simonitch.

polis box art

Polis Review

Poleis is a war game, but not one with a ton of cardboard chits, or worrying about attack and defence values. In fact, it looks and feels more like a Euro game

klask box

Klask Review

It makes me enormously happy – smug, almost – to say that Klask isn’t just good in the context of “for a poor man’s crokinole”. It’s just brilliant.

cryptid box art

Cryptid: Urban Legends Review

When pictures of the box art for Cryptid: Urban Legends began surfacing, it’s fair to say I was a teeny bit excited. More Cryptid? Be still my beating heart!

Targi Review

Targi is a game for two players, where each tries to control trade in the Sahara with their Tuareg tribes. It’s been a stalwart in many players’ collections since its release in 2012, but what makes it so special, and why am I talking about it in 2020? Read on, and find out.

Watergate Review

I’m going to say right at the outset that I know 1970s American politics isn’t a theme that’s going to set everyone’s heart a-flutter. However, I’d urge you to read this review all the same, because to turn your nose up at Watergate without looking deeper could be doing your collection a major disservice.

How To Play Mancala

Mancala has been around for a long time. A very long time. There’s evidence of the Romans playing it nearly two thousand years ago, and some historians believe it’s over six thousand years old. There must be a reason people keep playing the game, even now, so let’s have a look at how to play it.