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Targi Review

Targi is a game for two players, where each tries to control trade in the Sahara with their Tuareg tribes. It’s been a stalwart in many players’ collections since its release in 2012, but what makes it so special, and why am I talking about it in 2020? Read on, and find out.


Watergate Review

I’m going to say right at the outset that I know 1970s American politics isn’t a theme that’s going to set everyone’s heart a-flutter. However, I’d urge you to read this review all the same, because to turn your nose up at Watergate without looking deeper could be doing your collection a major disservice.


How To Play Mancala

Mancala has been around for a long time. A very long time. There’s evidence of the Romans playing it nearly two thousand years ago, and some historians believe it’s over six thousand years old. There must be a reason people keep playing the game, even now, so let’s have a look at how to play it.