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task force carrier battles in the pacific box art

Task Force: Carrier Battles in the Pacific Review

Thematic touches are all over the game’s design, and while they’re the sort of things wargame veterans might take for granted, newcomers – who VUCA have clearly invited to the party with Task Force – will be pleasantly surprised.

atlantic chase box art

Atlantic Chase Review

For most of the game your boats are in some kind of quantum state, which sounds ridiculous I know, and I’m almost certainly misrepresenting quantum mechanics, but that’s where we are.

lanzerath ridge box art

Lanzerath Ridge Review

David Thompson has created an exciting, evocative game full of dice rolling, pushing your luck, and making do with insufficient actions.

spruance leader box art

Spruance Leader Review

The strategic action is brilliant. It’s clever, engaging, thoughtful, and a lot of fun, but there’s some thick armour that needs penetrating before you get there.

fire in the lake box art

Fire In The Lake Review

Fire in the Lake is the 4th game in the COIN (COunter-INsurgency) series, initially known to me as “That Vietnam one with the great box art”.

shores of tripoli box art

The Shores Of Tripoli Review

The Shores of Tripoli is a two-player, event-driven wargame from Fort Circle Games. It’s set on the Barbary coast of North Africa at the turn of the 19th Century, and it’s great.

cuba libre box art

Cuba Libre Review

If you found your way here as the result of looking for a review of Cuba Libre, there’s a good chance the question fuelling your Googling was: “Is this the best COIN game for a newbie to the series?”. The short answer is yes.

salerno 43 box art

Salerno ’43 Review

Today I’m upping the ante with my recent dive into wargaming. Putting on my big boy trousers and stepping up to ‘hex and counter’ games. My first foray proper into this world is with Salerno ’43, a game from GMT Games and designer Mark Simonitch.