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Blood of the Northmen Review

The aim of the game is to either grow your clan large enough to form the nation of Bjarmia (I googled it, it was a real thing), or kick enough ass to win through sheer dominance.


Scythe Review

Scythe is Stonemaier Games’ Euro-in-mechs-clothing game from 2016. It’s a game that’s been riding high in the BGG charts since its release, so it’s about time I gave it a proper review.


Ishtar Review

Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon, from Bruno Cathala and Evan Singh, is a combination of tile-placement and area control. The premise of the game pits you as rival gardeners, seeking to do the seemingly impossible – grow beautiful gardens in the middle of the desert.


Spirit Island Review

A lot of Eurogames involve building up a town, a city, a land, or an empire. But what happens when the formula gets flipped on its head? What happens when we actively try to prevent the growth and expansion? Let’s find out with R. Eric Reuss’ 2017 game, Spirit Island.