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sidequest 7th sea box art

Sidequest: 7th Sea Review

If you’re looking for the short version of “Is it any good?”, then I can confirm that yes, it is. Stick around and let me explain why.

lanzerath ridge box art

Lanzerath Ridge Review

David Thompson has created an exciting, evocative game full of dice rolling, pushing your luck, and making do with insufficient actions.

spruance leader box art

Spruance Leader Review

The strategic action is brilliant. It’s clever, engaging, thoughtful, and a lot of fun, but there’s some thick armour that needs penetrating before you get there.

Wreckland Run Review

A fully-resettable campaign game for one player which is quick to play, fun, and doesn’t take up an acre of table space? Yes indeed, what a great game.

Death At The Dive Bar Review

If this is your first game of this sort, there’s a good chance that’s the first thing you said. There’s a ton of stuff in the box. Physical props, flyers, a beer mat, police reports, CCTV stills, and a bag with a code on it.

Oooooooh, mysterious!

cloudspire box art

Cloudspire Review

With its roots firmly in the MOBA and Tower Defence genres of video games, Cloudspire aims to replicate the feel of a game like League of Legends, but in a tabletop form

box art

By Stealth and Sea Review

I have a lifelong fascination with submarines. I don’t know where it came from, or why it persists, but something about underwater warfare just does it for me. With my recent foray into wargames, it seemed like the perfect time to take the plunge, if you’ll pardon the pun