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artisans of splendent vale box art

Artisans Of Splendent Vale Review

Artisans of Splendent Vale gives us a watercolour world full of diverse, non-stereotyped, pastel protagonists, breathing fresh life into tired tropes.

village rails box art

Village Rails Review

Over the course of a game, you’re going to make seven railway lines with twelve cards. No more, no less.

beyond the sun box art

Beyond The Sun Review

Beyond The Sun is absolutely brilliant. I don’t go around making claims like that without being able to back it up, so let’s get into it.

trekking through history box art

Trekking Through History Review

Sometimes you want a game that cuts through the layers upon layers of complexity of modern Euro games and instead emphasises doing one thing, and doing it well. Trekking Through History’s thing is set collection, and it’s something it does very well

brass Birmingham box art

Brass: Birmingham Review

If you’ve found your way here in 2023, it’s likely it’s because you’ve heard the fuss and want to board the steam locomotive hype train. There’s one question on your lips, and I’m here to answer it for you.

star wars villainous box

Star Wars Villainous Review

If you’re going to make a game called Villainous, you need charismatic Villains, and the Star Wars universe is full of them. Star Wars + Villainous mechanisms + a few new tweaks = Villainous 1.5, and I really like it.

Cartolan – Trade Winds Preview

Cartolan puts you in the role of adventurers, seeking to explore the unknown world and open lucrative trade routes with the various ports and cities obscured by the fog of ignorance.

pearladora box art

Pearladora Review

Pearladora is a game set around a series of lagoons, and in these lagoons are piles of pearls, just waiting to be claimed. The inhabitants of the islands, dotted around the lagoons, want to be the best and to collect the most pearls.

hiroba box art

Hiroba Review

In the first of a series of reviews of new French games, this is Hiroba. Hiroba is a quick and light game from publisher Funnyfox which leans heavily on the gameplay concepts of Sudoku.

cubitos box art

Cubitos Review

Cubitos is a racing game from John D. Clair (Dead Reckoning, Mystic Vale, Space Base) and Alderac, which mixes frenetic jockeying for position with bag-building.