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Check it out – I’ve played an ACTUAL board game with an ACTUAL person. And you know what? I’m going to play another game, with some more people too! Never did I think that would be such a wonderful thing to say ❤️ (it’s The King is Dead second edition from @OspreyGames btw)

🧐🤔Puzzle fans, it’s Escape Week on Punchboard Reviews this week. I’m looking at the Escape Tales series from @BoardAndDice , and we’re starting off today with The Awakening. If you like escape room games and puzzles, check it out – https://punchboard.co.uk/review-escape-tales-the-awakening/

Bon soir @PlayDeadLondon , and what a show. The latest murder mystery is very mysterious, very good, and quite French! It was as much fun as ever, and even though my friends and I didn’t solve it (again…), I already can’t wait for the next one 🧐 https://play-dead-london.designmynight.com/

Next week is Escape Week over on my little corner of the internet. @BoardAndDice have a series of games called Escape Tales, and I’ve been immersed in them for the last few weeks. I’ve got reviews of all three ready to go, so be sure to keep an eye open, puzzle fans. #boardgames

When you first look at Santa Monica from @alderac you think “ooh lovely relaxing game”. But there’s a proper optimising puzzle there. I absolutely love the setting, and I have the Everclear song of the same name stuck in my brain. #boardgames

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