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Review – Forbidden Sky

Here's a question for you. How many of your board games use electricity? Of those, how many of those require you to make an electrical circuit in order to power a rocket? Do I have your attention now? Read on, adventurer, and find out more about Forbidden Sky.
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Blog – Solo Modes In Board Games – Part Two (Automa)

Last time, I took a look at the various 'beat your own score' variants available in board games. This time, I'm taking a bit of a deep dive into the world of automa, or AI opponents, in games.
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Blog – Solo Modes In Board Games – Part One

During this, and the next couple of blog posts, I'm going to take a look at the options available for the solitaire gamer, the systems used, the games that do it well, and those that don't. We're starting with beat your own score.
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Review – Marvel Villainous

Disney Villainous came out of nowhere in 2018 and captured the imagination of the board-game-curious everywhere. Marvel Villainous picks up the baton and runs with the format, aiming to grab the attention of Marvel's enormous fanbase. Let's get under the bonnet (hood, for my American friends) and see what makes the game tick.
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Interview – Mark Cooke from PSC Games

I reached out to Mark from the Plastic Soldier Company's games publishing sister company, PSC Games. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for me about the company, its history, and its recent hits. Naturally, I couldn't let the chance slip to talk about their hottest news from the last week or so, the announcement of a tie-in with Paradox Interactive's smash hit game, Prison Architect.
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Review – Shake, Rattle and Roasted (Play Dead London)

This mystery is set in 1950s America, and the setting and characters really brought to mind a mix of Happy Days and Grease. A popular member of the school has been murdered (gasp!), the suspects have been gathered, and through the use of very progressive technology for the time, we - the detectives - can interview them.
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Review – Tawantinsuyu

If you're reading the name of the game over and over, and trying to figure out how to say it, you're not alone. Tawantinsuyu is the latest in a series of games from Board and Dice with fun-to-say names that begin with the letter T. Let's see what this heavyweight Euro game has in store for us.
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Blog – The Pace Of Progress

A week or so ago I wrote a blog piece about hype, looking at why games are forgotten so quickly in this hobby. One major reason is that aforementioned hype, and getting swept along on the wave of The Cult of the New. The other though, in my opinion, is the crazy rate of progress and evolution in board games.
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Review – Sherlock In Homes 2: Murder On Ice

Last year I had the pleasure of watching Sherlock In Homes: Murder at the Circus, which was brilliant. The lovely people at Sharp Teeth Theatre invited me back to take part in their new show, Murder on Ice over the weekend, and I was only too glad to attend.
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Check it out – I’ve played an ACTUAL board game with an ACTUAL person. And you know what? I’m going to play another game, with some more people too! Never did I think that would be such a wonderful thing to say ❤️ (it’s The King is Dead second edition from @OspreyGames btw)

🧐🤔Puzzle fans, it’s Escape Week on Punchboard Reviews this week. I’m looking at the Escape Tales series from @BoardAndDice , and we’re starting off today with The Awakening. If you like escape room games and puzzles, check it out – https://punchboard.co.uk/review-escape-tales-the-awakening/

Bon soir @PlayDeadLondon , and what a show. The latest murder mystery is very mysterious, very good, and quite French! It was as much fun as ever, and even though my friends and I didn’t solve it (again…), I already can’t wait for the next one 🧐 https://play-dead-london.designmynight.com/

Next week is Escape Week over on my little corner of the internet. @BoardAndDice have a series of games called Escape Tales, and I’ve been immersed in them for the last few weeks. I’ve got reviews of all three ready to go, so be sure to keep an eye open, puzzle fans. #boardgames

When you first look at Santa Monica from @alderac you think “ooh lovely relaxing game”. But there’s a proper optimising puzzle there. I absolutely love the setting, and I have the Everclear song of the same name stuck in my brain. #boardgames

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