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Mystery Ingenuity

One of the best things I’ve ever done in the past, was to go to a professionally-run murder mystery evening. We went to a big manor house, had dinner and drinks with the cast while the mystery unfolded. I loved that, and I really want to do it again soon. There’s one big problem with that however, the biggest baddie we’ve come up against recently: Covid-19.

A Deadly Dose (Play Dead London) Review

Last night I had the pleasure to attend another online murder mystery, this time run by Play Dead London. It’s a mystery run by the actors, with the guests (me included) attend over Zoom. They reached out to me after my previous review of an online mystery, and offered me a chance to take part. Being the mystery fan I am, I jumped at the chance, and here’s how it was for me.

Sherlock In Homes Review

Sherlock In Homes is an online, interactive murder mystery. People connect over the Zoom video-conferencing software, and then watch and interview the actors of a murder mystery to test their sleuthing skills. But is it good? Let’s have a look.