Tawantinsuyu Review

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  1. Dr. D says:

    Totally agree. This game is fantastic, and I love David Turczi. I own almost all of his games so far (with a handful still to play). I won my very first game of Tawantinsuyu, 165 to 157. Going through my second game now. The A.I. is up by only 5 points, and I’m approaching the third and final festival. I love a good, tense game like this where the scores always seem to be close the whole way through. I also find the game to be a mix of strategy and tactics. My main strategy is always to set up my high priest actions with my workers, treating the priest like a rondel. I have to say that Tawantinsuyu truly is a magnum opus for Mr. Turczi. I’ll be getting to Tekhenu, Trickerion, and Dice Settlers next.

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